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Privacy Center

Hemos creado este Privacy Center para informarte sobre lo que hemos hecho en HOSTAL RESTAURANTE MARZO para adecuarnos especialmente al nuevo Reglamento General de Protección de Datos.

And also that, If you are a user of our website you have the information you care about protecting your privacy.

On the other hand, If you're looking for information on how to protect the privacy of your users on your website or blog, We also provide you the keys to make it.

What do data processing in HOSTEL RESTAURANT March that requires privacy protection?

In HOSTEL RESTAURANT MARCH tenemos solo un tratamiento de datos que requiere protección de privacidad. Lo hemos denominado "Users and / or web subscribers» y contiene los datos básicos de bajo riesgo que nos proporcionan las personas que visitan nuestra web.

How do we provide people such data?

Using two forms on our web:

  • The system native WordPress comments, Blog Articles.
  • The subscription to the mailing list (newsletter)

What data we collect?

They are always personal data at risk, as the name, you web, the IP address from which you visit us and email.

Who we yield such data?

To nobody. Your data is safe with us.

With whom we share such data?

Web providers always reliable, such as web hosting, in our case, es SiteGround. There is data that is stored only in WordPress (blogging platform we use) so that, obviously they shared with SiteGround.

Do we send the data outside the European Union?

For subscription to the newsletter the data provided are not stored in WordPress but pass directly to MailChimp servers (email marketing service we use), located in the US.

But no problem because MailChimp is attached to the agreement privacy shield approved by the European Union.

What you can do in this privacy center

  • Are you user and / or subscriber HOSTEL RESTAURANT MARCH?Hostal Restaurante MARCH protect your privacy. Y esta es la información que te interesa.

How do we protect your privacy in HOSTEL RESTAURANT MARCH?

HOSTEL RESTAURANT in March we are committed to protecting your privacy.

And how we do it?

First, cumplimos la legislación vigente en la UE sobre protección de datos y puedes leer nuestra Privacy Policy.

  • Just keep your own personal data (first name, email, Web address, IP adress) If you give us your explicit consent.
  • Only you an email with the subject related information blog.
  • We only share information with third parties provided to perform communication functions related to the blog: Manage comments and sending newsletters (newsletter).
  • You have the right to access, correct and delete data, and other rights, como se explica en nuestro Aviso Legal.
  • We keep your data until you tell us otherwise.

We provide information and tools you need to help.

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